064- Cyberpunk 2077 & Pokemon Card Collecting w/ @0gretro

Published by Precisley Podcast - December 26, 2020

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays Precisely family! We hope you all had an amazing and festive week, and got tons of booze, and new video games to play! Santa came to visit us in the beginning of this episode, but the true guest of this podcast was our homie Ryan, aka @0gretro on IG. Beau gives us his first impressions of Cyberpunk 2077, and for the most part they are positive, even though he is playing on a primitive PS4. We talk about all the glitches, and the mishaps within the world, but focus majorly on what is great about this new triple A title. It must have been a good conversation, because Ryan ends up buying and downloading the game during the podcast!

The three of us talk about the newest Nintendo Indie World, and our favorite games from it. Ryan teaches us why Pokémon Cards are so hot right now, and how some of the gaming community is transitioning into card collecting. We interview @0gretro and learn about his favorite pieces in his collections, his most notable pick ups, twitch streaming, to how he captures such nice photos of retro games. We end the episode with our New Year's resolutions. 

 We want to thank each and everyone of our listeners, our friends in the community, and our family that supports our hobby of gaming and creating podcasts! If it was not for you guys, we would not be doing this, so thank you! Beau, Kelly, and our awesome editor Sam have a lot in store for 2021, and cant wait to grow Precisely into a bigger and better platform for all the gamers out there! Please share our podcast around with your friends, and have a happy and safe New Year! We will see you on the other side.


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