We are three best friends that have started a podcast to be able to connect with people around the world to share our love for video games, beer, and many other topics. We focus on retro gaming and also what is new and exciting in the gaming world. We do this while occasionally enjoying craft brews and giving our reviews on them. By supporting Precisely you are helping to give us the opportunity to experience more video gaming, providing more content for our listeners, as well as giving back to our community. New episodes bi-weekly!

057- Cody Cast
by Precisely Podcast

In today's episode we invite our friend Cody to reminisce about obscure childhood PS1 games, rodent pets, and getting great deals at conventions. We discuss the games we have been playing like Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake, Okami, Miracle Piano for the NES, Donut County, and Moon RPG Remake for the Switch. We are sipping on Evil Genius & The Giant Peach a double dry hopped IPA that's very juicy! We finish off the episode by talking about our favorite accessories that came with big box video games! Go give us a follow at @preciselypodcast and if you are looking for mercy, check out our website at Precisely.live

057- Cody Cast
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