048- Gameboy Modding With Gamechanger_Mods

Published by Precisley Podcast - May 16, 2020

Beau and Kelly invite Greg, aka @Gamechanger_Mods, to talk about modding, gaming, collecting. Most importantly we discuss his new book release, "Gameboy Modding: A Beginners Guide to Gameboy Mods, Collecting, History, and More!
Greg's book is amazing! If you are interested in gaining knowledge about Gameboy systems, customizing your Gameboy, or supporting a fellow gamer and collector, this book is for you!
You can purchase Greg's book right now and get the free E-Book included with the link below
If you are interested in buying one of Greg's beautifully modified Gameboys, click the link below
Social media wise you can follow Greg on Instagram at @gamechanger_mods
We have a mystery box giveaway going on, so make sure to follow us on IG at @preciselypodcast and DM us the secret code from this episode to be entered to win! There's two codes out there so listen to our previous episode for the first code word. 


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