043- Toy Stories

Published by Kelly Donnelly - March 7, 2020

 In today’s episode we are drinking on a variety of Alchemist brewery beers from Vermont. Beau gives his final thought on PlayStation’s Dreams, Kelly shares her experience with LEGO Jurassic Park for the switch, and Tony is searching & destroying in Call of Duty Modern Warefare. We then go away from the normal routine, if there is one and discuss the toys that we grew up with. Star Wars figures, Gi Joes, Pogs, bey blades, tech decks, furbys, hot wheels, spawn, Barbie, and so much more! This podcast is jam packed full with nostalgia, so make sure you listen to the very end! Please subscribe and rate us on ITunes or Podchaser, and be sure to check out our newly designed website at Precisely.live


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